Music: Derek Minor

Hey! It’s Andrew.

I really like listening to rap music because I enjoy the fun beats and the inspirational lyrics. Last month, Derek Minor released the album Minorville, and I’ve been jamming to it ever since.


My favorite tracks are “Ready, Set, Go”, “Hot Air Balloon”, and the bonus track “Deaf.”

“Hot Air Balloon” talks about rising above negative criticism and using it to motivate yourself. Derek uses creative imagery to display this concept when he says,  “You so full of hot air… Imma put it in a balloon and float over all of that drama.”

hot air balloon

Nashville native, Derek Minor, formerly known as Pro, raps under the Reach Records label. Reach is the label for some of the biggest names in Christian rap: Lecrae, Andy Mineo, Tedashii, and KB. These musicians’ goals are to bring the presence of Christ and the gospel into the hip-hop genre that shaped and molded their musical tastes.


“Minorville” has treated me well, and I think you ought to check it out too. Here’s the Reach Records Website which has information about Derek Minor and other similar artists.

Until next time,

Andrew, Sophomore Blogger, Habitual Napper, Escape Artist

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