TBT: Tradition Never Graduates- MC Homecoming 2013

Hey folks, it’s Elizabeth, here to tell you…

It’s Homecoming Week at MC!!!

Alumni from years past are arriving on campus as we speak to reunite with their college friends from 20, 30, even 50 years ago! Come Saturday, the Quad will be abuzz with students, alumni and parents tailgating with old friends, waving to the lovely Homecoming maids in the parade, reminiscing MC memories, and cheering on the Choctaws in the Homecoming game.

Homecoming celebrates the past and the present of Mississippi College. At Homecoming, we remember where we came from and are proud of how far we’ve come. Those that went before us return to their Alma mater and remind us that even though time passes and trends come and go--tradition never graduates.

So let’s take a trip down MC’s memory lane and see what traditions have stuck around all these years.


1269156_10151837629456001_167745152_oThe tradition of Saturday nights, grass stains, helmets, and touchdowns.


614485_10151192863711001_920997089_oThe tradition of school spirit on the Quad. Being loud and proud never gets old!


53147_10151266691531001_1508580561_oThe tradition of  music, energy, and the Choctaw Band.


178146_10151272443761001_1304569317_oThe tradition of dresses, suits,  and recognizing outstanding MC students.


843839_10151407809351001_1658726250_oThe tradition of beauty, glamour, teased hair, and Miss MC!


271805_10151192895011001_124425403_oThe tradition of athletics, support, pride, and, of course, some healthy competition.


54263_10151272454431001_593158_oThe tradition of honor, respect, and the crown.


15958_4950956377530_1808679278_nThe tradition of community, music, spontaneity, and swing dancing!


1240154_10151842647181001_1104303861_nThe tradition of having the most spirited students around!

Check out more old pictures of MC here and here!

Thanks! Until next time,

-Elizabeth, appreciator of tradition, especially MC tradition.

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