Homecomings: From Your Old Home to Your New Home

What up, homies of the world wide web?

When it comes to Homecoming, my mind flashes to one of three things:

1. Going home after being away for a while. Mama’s cooking is pretty good, y’all!

2. A week of dress-up days in high school followed by an uber awkward (or “super awk”) dance in a gym/cafeteria/cafetorium/gymcafetorium Attendance Center.

3. A CRAAAY weekend held once a year in college filled with everything BUT SLEEP. But don’t worry, like what I once read off of a package of Red Bull, “You never remember the nights you got enough sleep.”

(SIDE NOTE- While I do appreciate the advice of Red Bull packages, Taco Bell sauce packets, and Laffy Taffy jokes, I wouldn’t necessarily live my life based on EVERYTHING they say. Just remember: YOLO.)

Now, understand me here: I’m not trying to bash high school homecoming. I very much enjoyed my homecomings. I even brought a date to the dance junior and senior years. In honor of my high school days, enjoy this throwback picture of me on Western Day:


(Yes, I am still a weirdo).

Now let’s fast forward. You’re about to come to MC (yes, I just predicted your future AGAIN. BOOM). You’re wondering: AM I DESTINED TO FOREVER BE A PART OF UBER AWKWARD (or “super awk”) HOMECOMINGS???

Well. Fear not. At MC, there’s nothing awkward about homecoming. In fact, the best way I know how to describe MC homecoming should be a familiar phrase: “To infinity and beyond!”


At MC, the main Homecoming activities include a Cheer competition, Follies, Tailgating, a Parade, and the Game, As an acronym, that’s:

CFTPG: Come For The Party, Girl.

But seriously. Homecoming is one of the best weekends of the school year. Friday night of homecoming weekend, the pledges and associates of the social tribes and service clubs put on skits (called FOLLIES), full of humor and dances. (Check out our blog from earlier today about Follies!)


After that, the pledges and associates and various others hang out late into the night putting together homecoming floats for the parade the next day.


The Saturday of that weekend is full of tailgating. The tribes bring out their best treats and, while the guys bring out their best food, there is something much more interesting to take a look at. At one tent, a pledge beats a drum up until game time. Don’t worry, it’s just the craziness of rush 🙂


At some point in all of this craziness, the clubs and tribes will put on a cheer competition:


Finally, it will be game time, where the winner of the float competition will be announced!


And after that, even the greatest of party animals will be partied out.

Like I said, I love homecoming. In fact, I think you should come to see it. Come home to what will be your new home, that is 🙂


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