Tradition Never Graduates – MC Follies 2013

Follies: “A foolish action, idea, or practice”
“An elaborately costumed revue”

Here at Mississippi College, our students are getting excited about our annual production of Follies, happenning TONIGHT!

The definition above is pretty much the essence of what happens here on the Friday night before Homecoming. Pledges from each tribe and club on campus put on a 10-minute skit for upperclassmen and alumni.

When I participated in Follies my Freshman year, it was a ton of fun! Plus, I loved getting to see my other friends participate. Sophomore year, I got to sit back, relax, and enjoy the show! Both were great experiences and I CANNOT wait to watch Follies again tonight!

Here’s a recap of last year’s skits!

Meet our awesome Follies hosts, Jill and Micheal!


Kissimee kicked off the night with an Alice in Wonderland theme! And they revealed their freshman Beau!


Circle K with an MC’s-got-talent theme!


Neenamoosha went back to the future, when their “founding members” wrote their constitution.


Shawreth put on an awesome rendition of The Sandlot!


Next, Laguna pledges made their debut with a little Wizard of Oz!


Civitan’s follies consisted of One Direction music and an awesome (and scary) ending dance!


Swannanoa mixed the stories of The Hunger Games and The Wizard of Oz and cleverly called it “May the OZ Be Ever In Your Favor”


Annnnd the winner was………DRUM ROLL



Check out more pictures of Follies 2012!

And here are the videos from our top three winners!

Shawreth (1st place)

Neenamoosha (2nd place)

Laguna (3rd place)

Stay tuned for a review of this year’s follies to see the awesome performances and the lucky winners!

-Morgan, junior Choctawker, fan of celebrations, dancing, and homecoming

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