Fish Out of Water- Attending College Out-of-State

Hey there, it’s Hannah!

Going to school out of state seems pretty scary. Trust me, I know.

But I am living, breathing, walking proof that not only is it possible, but it is the best thing you could do!

Here are some benefits of going to school out of state:

1. You strangely become a little more proud of where you came from. Now some people don’t understand that, but I’m from Texas. It is very possible. To give an example of home-state pride, I’ve started to live by this classic Texas song motto, “I’ve been sent to spread the message. . . .  God Blessed Texas!” So here I am, in Mississippi, spreading the message of how great Texas is. You can do the same for your home-state!

US and Texas

2. You automatically make friends with everyone you meet at your school who is from the same state.

For example: a fellow Telecounselor, Kirk, and I became friends when we found out that we both are from Texas!

Texas Friends

3. You become more independent.

a. Some people try hard to deny the fact that they need to become adults. But what better time to learn to be independent than in college? You live with your friends, and though you might be financially dependent, you sure feel independent. You also learn the importance of being organized (but thankfully there is grace when you mess up!). These are things you don’t exactly have the luxury of learning easily once you graduate.

b. Moving away seems horrible because you don’t always have your parents to run to when your car breaks down, but this can be a good thing! Instead of relying on your parents, you learn to go outside of your comfort zone and ask others for help, which is a sign of maturity! I promise.

c. You get to be a part of other people’s families! It is such a sweet thing to see people bring you in and let you be a part of their family for the holidays or weekends. Plus, CONNECTIONS! They will seriously make a huge difference in your future success. For example, I’m an elementary education major, and I’ve had sweet teacher moms take me in because I’m from out of state. Not only do I get a second mom out of this, I also get great connections into the education field for when I’m job hunting one day.

im a big kid now

4. Distance really does make the heart grow fonder!

Not always having your family at easy access makes you step back and realize how much you appreciate them. (Here’s a pic of my cute family)Hannah Terry's family

5. The purpose of college is not only to educate you and get you a degree, but to help you grow into adulthood! So let it be just that. Allow yourself to slowly pull away from the safe place of home, step outside the nest and take the risk to fly. There is a day coming where you will get a house, a job, a family! So use this time in college to learn to be an adult, because college is a safe place where if you mess up, it’s okay! There is not always so much grace when you become a “real” adult.

step out of the nestjumping out of the nest

-Hannah, the Texan who lives in Mississippi

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