TESOL/ELL Certificate Program

Hello people, it’s Jordyn here! I want to share about an opportunity Mississippi College offers that I think is really great.

The Modern Language department offers a ton of different programs for you to study (that deserves its own blog) but the TESOL/ELL certificate program is one of these excellent programs.  modern

TESOL: Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages

ELL: English Language Learners

Being certified in TESOL gives students the chance to expand their future job options through an English-teaching certification.  TESOL is just what it sounds like, teaching English to non-native speakers.  Teaching a language, even your own,  requires skill beyond being able to speak the language.

Students may receive an English Language Learner certificate with the focus on TESOL.  To receive this certificate, students must take four classes in the linguistics and education field of study.  These classes are:

  • The Multicultural Classroom – learning how to teach and conduct a class full of culturally different students
  • Second Language Acquisition – how to learn a second language
  • Applied Linguistics – intro class to different fields of linguistics.  Learning about syntax, morphology, phonetics, and semantics, for example.
  • Methods and Curriculum Design – taking skills from the other three classes and focus on creating lesson plans and developing styles of teaching

The Modern Language department also allows students to receive a minor in TESOL/ELL.  If a student is considering becoming certified in TESOL, it may be a good idea to complete the minor to further his or her learning of the subject and to show a specified study in the ELL field.  If you have room in your schedule, go ahead and get the minor!  There are two additional classes needed to complete the minor in TESOL.  Students can choose from:

  • Cross Cultural Understanding OR Intercultural Communication
  • History of the English Language
  • Listening
  • Spanish Civilization (taught in Spanish)
  • French Civilization (taught in French)
  • Latin American Civilization (taught in Spanish)
  • German Civilization (taught in German)

This program is a great opportunity for students enrolled in the Modern Language department or students interested in learning languages!  This is a great certificate to have as it expands job opportunities.  From teaching a local TESOL class or teaching in a foreign country,  an ELL certificate can bring you many places. Visit the Modern Language department’s Facebook page to keep up with what’s going on!

– Jordyn

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