That Fall Feelin…

Hey y’all… just your friendly, fall-lovin’ blogger, Hannah!

Can you feel it? That fall feeling? It has finally arrived!

Picture this.

You walk outside. It’s overcast, but not raining. It’s a little chilly… you know… the sweater kind of weather. Oh, and don’t forget your scarf and boots. Then you realize you’re still not used to the cold, so you go back inside and put on your favorite sweat pants, flannel, and some fuzzy socks.  You go light the fireplace and some pumpkin spice scented candles and spread them around the room. As you settle into your cozy room, you can choose to either have a movie marathon or listen to some chill music and read a book. Then you grab your favorite mug, fill it with some hot coffee or tea, and bring it into your dimly lit room. Now you are ready to curl up on your couch and relax the day away.

curl up by the fire

Oh but wait. You live in a dorm room and you can’t do this!

What are you going to do?! Now you can’t experience fall to its fullest potential!

No worries! I am here to help. Let me share my wisdom with you.

We must be willing to adapt and accommodate.

THIS is how the college student experiences fall.

1. No fireplace? There is this lovely thing called a virtual fireplace.

It seems so real, and you feel like you can warm up next to it!

2. Do you relax better on a rainy day? I personally prefer to study when it’s raining; it makes me feel better about being a recluse and hunkering down to study all day. But what do you do when it’s not actually raining?! Just simply go to!

rainy day

3. But what completes both of these is adding some really chill music to the background. These are some of my fellow Chocktawkers’ favorite artists to listen to in the fall.

Nora Jones, Ben Rector, Birdy, Amos Lee, Ray Lamontagne, Seryn, Dave Barnes, Fiction Family, Weepies, and of course, Bon Iver.

norah jonesBen Rector

4. Can’t light candles? Just get some of those fake candles with the flickering light and plug in your favorite fall scented wall flowers! I personally love anything like sugar cookies, apple cider, or pumpkin spice!


Got any Wood-wick candle fans?? You might be thinking.. “But those fake candles don’t crackle!” I’ve got you covered! That is what the virtual fireplace is for… .it crackles too 😉

5. What about the dim lighting that creates that warm atmosphere? Turn off any overhead lights, hang some Christmas lights on the wall, and turn on all the lamps. You’ll be well on your way to creating that warm comfortable glow!

christmas lights

6. If you’re a broke college student without a kitchen, what do you do when you’re really craving some hot chili? Best found solution: Wendy’s chili. It’s actually pretty tasty!

7. But back to the fact that you are broke and can’t afford getting Starbucks everyday. Getting a Keurig would be a good investment. Those K-cups just keep gettin’ better and better!

8. Want to start a mug and flannel/ sweater collection? Thrift shopping is not only cool now, but it can be quite a thrilling experience when you get a good find. Plus your parents (and wallet) will thank you later.

more flannels

Also, here’s a fun idea! Buy a mystery flannel on Etsy and they will mail you a flannel! check it out here

9. Now, if you really want to set the mood, add a little fall decor! Here’s some ideas that are college-student friendly ($):

Fill some vases with sticks, pine cones, or acorns. Also, those color-changing leaves can be great wall decor for your bathroom mirror. Keep brainstorming for some great ways to bring fall indoors! It’s as easy as that!

My favorite find was strangely at Home Depot: cinnamon-scented pine cones! They smelt absolutely amazing!


So now you are ready. Put on your favorite flannel from the friendly local thrift store, put on those fuzzy socks you just got at the dollar store, turn on some chill tunes, and light that virtual fireplace. Get your Keurig going and brew your favorite coffee. Plug in your Christmas lights and “candles.” Choose your favorite book, movie, or that textbook you have been avoiding. Cozy up because you are about to enjoy that fall feeling!

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