Straight from a High School Senior

Hey what’s up? I’m Molly Mitchell.


I am a senior from Tupelo Christian Preparatory School. As a senior I constantly get asked where I plan to attend college and my answer is the same every single time is Mississippi College!

I first discovered MC the summer before my freshman year in high school when I came to Super Summer for the first time. When I left Super Summer, I was shocked at how much I enjoyed the MC campus, but because I was just a freshman, I had not really given that much thought to the whole college thing. Different aspects of MC continued to show up in my life, and I slowly started to fall in love with the college. I started praying and seeking God’s will for my future. My junior year the Lord made it clear as day to me that He wanted me on the MC campus at the start of the 2014 fall semester.

A few days ago, I came on an official MC campus tour. If it was possible for me to fall more in love with this school, I sure did. Camea Dobbs made me feel so at home and I loved my personal visit with her! I absolutely love the fact that MC has my best interest in mind. Financial aid is a big part of the whole college decision process, and I am in awe of how much MC wants to help me.

afterlight (1)

The campus is beautiful and the atmosphere is astounding.  I got to meet a lot of new people throughout my tour and now I am eager to be here next year so that I can build new relationships. The relationship I’m looking most forward to building is my relationship with Christ. Where better to do that than Mississippi College? The love of Christ is so evident everywhere I have been on campus. I was able to learn a lot while I was on my tour, but I am ready to be here next year and discover even more things that make this school so great. Go Choctaws!

afterlight (2)It’s super easy to schedule your own visit. Just go to

– Molly

One response to “Straight from a High School Senior

  1. MC will be the winner for having such a Godly young lady on their campus shining her light for Jesus!

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