Motivation Monday: Change

Happy Monday from the Choctawk staff!  It’s Jordyn here to hopefully give you some motivation for the week ahead.


So, plans change.  We all know that and most likely experience this frequently.  So what happens when plans change?  Do you freak out, try to keep things from changing, or welcome it?

I’m a planner.  I like to know my activities for the day ahead of myself.  Obviously, random things pop up throughout my day that may change the path I’ve already laid out to follow.  Usually, I’ll get a little flustered and immediately start incorporating this new event into my day, starting the planning process all over again.

Sometimes change is easy.  It’s not hard to adjust your day to add some time to hang out with a friend or to go out to eat because you didn’t make it to the Caf on time or you have nothing to cook.  But what about the hard changes?  How are we supposed to cope with those?

Go with the flow.  I say that with simplicity, but I know its not that easy.  When you know change has to occur, and it’s something significant, change can be really hard to accept.  You may even deny the change and save it for later.

I’ve been reminded lately that change happens for a reason.  Even if we mess up and get off track from God’s plan for us, He’s the master planner.  When change happens, I truly believe it is for the greater good and it is God setting us back on the path he created for us.  We may believe we’ve got our plan figured out, but God will make Himself known and pop you back into place.

Sometimes change can be a good thing and super easy to accept.  We praise God and thank him for the opportunities He’s given us.

When it doesn’t come easy or interferes with our dreams, it’s not so simple to give thanks to God.  It seems easy for me to say, but the change we deal with is for our greater good.  These changes may seem to make life even harder for us or inhibit us in some way.  However, there is a reason why it happened.  Chances are later on down the road you’ll realize why that change happened and then it’ll be easy to thank God.  Believe me, this is something I am trying to constantly remind myself of.

For now, while dealing with the change, it’s important to talk to God about it.  You may be upset or angry, but pray.  Ask God to help you be patient and faithful when adapting to new circumstances.  Understanding God’s plan isn’t always easy, but I do believe it occurs for our best interest.

When you get frustrated with change in your life, take a step back from the situation and say to yourself, “God is with me.”  Repeating that is most likely necessary. Although you may not understand why things just never go your way, consider if your way is God’s way.  Pray that God will show you His way and plan for your life.

Remember, just go with the flow.  God is the ever-present Shepard.

“My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me.  I give them eternal life, and they will never perish, and no one will snatch them out of my hand.” – John 10:27-28

– Jordyn

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