MC Grads: Where Are They Now?

Fame has landed on Mississippi College’s own, Emily Anne Alexander.



This 2012 graduate known as “Milly” in her years at MC, was a Public Relations major with a Writing minor. Now a successful news producer for WLOX -TV in Picayune, MS, Milly wasn’t always so sure about what the future held. Even though she ended college as a Communications major, she changed her major seven times. Milly says, “I was Journalism, then undecided, then nursing, then Pre-Law, then Public Relations, then Pre-Physical Therapy (and got an interview for PT school but politely declined because I changed my mind) then graduated Communications with an emphasis in PR.” She chose to pursue what she loved and is now more successful–and more well known–than your average 23 year old.


Milly recently covered a fascinating story of an alleged chupacabra siting in her hometown of Picayune, MS. What started as a small-town mystery quickly turned into a national phenomenon.


Check out the story that turned the heads of Americans all over the media straight from the source: WLOX!

Soon after the story aired locally, it was picked up my major news stations across the country and the world! Milly was featured on:

Fox News


The front page of Yahoo! News

Huffington Post

European News Daily Mail!

Mississippi College proudly claims this beautiful alumni, and we’re so proud of her talent and passion. Way to go Milly! Your hard work is paying off!


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