Restaurants in Jackson

Hey guys! It’s Cole here!

If you have a foodie side to you, like I know I do, then you’re always looking for new restaurants and menu items to explore.

Now that we’ve established our mutual infatuation with food, let’s take a stroll through Jackson to see what we can’t find to eat.

First off, The Mayflower:

One of my favorites. You may already know it as one of the restaurants that was filmed in the popular movie, The Help. Take away the cameras and lights and you have one of the best surf and turf places around. Located just two blocks from the historic King Edward’s Hotel, The Mayflower is a popular spot for folks looking for that classic diner feel with food that will leave the taste buds begging for more. I always love to ask what the special of the day is, which is usually a fish or seafood item, but I’ve never gone wrong with their filet Redfish, Redfish Jane, or Grouper.  All three are sliced to perfection and have a great balance between texture and flavor.


redfish from the mayflower

Next up  on the menu we have two of my absolute favorite plate-lunch places, Two Sisters and The Elite

These two are both easy and accessible lunch places for a good home-style lunch in the middle of the city.  Two Sisters is widely known for its daily lunch special ranging from fried and baked chicken to pork chops with all kinds of vegetables for sides. I’ve heard it described as “a buffet without buffet-quality food.” Two Sisters puts a lot of time into making each dish, which reminds me of the hours my grandma would spend cooking for us when we visited. Definitely a plus in my book.


Next we have The Elite. I haven’t been there yet, but I’ve heard such great reviews about their lunch that I couldn’t leave it off the list. Probably the most popular meals are the chicken-fried veal, gumbo, or one of their fantastic soups. To top it all off, their hand baked Parker House rolls are a must-have and are served at every table! This historic restaurant is located just a hop, skip, and a jump down the road from The Mayflower!


From here, if we took a ride up State Street on our way to Fondren, there’s no reason why we shouldn’t stop by Jaco’s Tacos for a little fiesta with the great staff, fabulous salsa, and amazing burritos offered at this sweet dive. It’s a little on the pricey side, but the portions are definitely large enough to share a meal with a group! Don’t forget their pico de gallo that’ll make you die-o! Ya know, ’cause its that freaking awesome!

TACOLACOI mean, look at that…..

Continuing down our tasty journey, we come to the “too-hipster-for-me” part of North Jackson, known as the Fondren District. The style may not fit me very well but the food here sure does. Some of my favorites have to be Walker’s Drive-In, Brent’s Drugs, and Sal & Mookie’s.

I’ll start with Walker’s because it’s probably my favorite of the group. Depending on the time of day and what you order, it can get pretty expensive, but it’s TOTALLY worth it. Just writing about it already has my mouth watering for some of the freshest crab claws in the metro area, or one of the several steak dishes they offer. All those are great dinner options but it gets even better, and CHEAPER, for lunch. Lunch offers a medley of delicious salads, burgers and sandwiches.


inside of walkers

Next up is the iconic Brent’s Drugs. Brent’s has been a staple piece of the Fondren atmosphere for almost 70 years. It has been home for everyone from sit-ins to movie stars. To visit Brent’s and not get one of their delicious burgers or famous milkshakes is almost a cardinal sin of Jackson etiquette.



Right down the street from these two options would be the one and only Sal and Mookie’s pizzeria. With its New York style pizza and full ice cream bar, there is no beating this place. It has a great party atmosphere with an awesome screened in porch that works well with small groups or bigger events. I can’t get enough of it for sure.

sal and mookies pizza pic

Well that’s all for now, but don’t think for a second that those are the only cool or fun places in the Jackson area to hangout and grab some good food. My advice would be to go out, get online, or ask around for some cool restaurants and find what you like best!

For more great restaurant ideas, check out Eat Jackson! They’re a great resource and “Insider’s Guide” to Jackson’s local restaurants and discounts!

– Cole

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