Preview Day Road Trip Game

What’s up Sports Fans? It’s Andrew again.

Preview Day is coming up soon (November 16), and you know what that means: ROADTRIP! And I’ve got a fun game for you to play on your trip to MC.


The Rules:

#1  No Social Media while Driving: Wait until you stop at a gas station or restaurant to participate.



The Objective:

Complete these 3 challenges, document your journey on Instagram and Twitter, tag @misscollege and let the fun begin!


Challenge #1:

You’re starting in your hometown right? So take a picture of yourself that shows something unique about your hometown! For example, if I’m coming from Memphis (like a lot of Choctaws are!), I would take a picture of me with a Tiger! Or if I’m coming from Texas, I’d take a picture of me with  a Texas road sign. Get it?


Challenge #2:

Tell us about your favorite rest stop along the way! Is it a McDonald’s playground? A state info center? A Cracker Barrel? Wherever your go-to stopping point is, take a selfie of you wearing an MC shirt to document your roadtrip!


Challenge #3:

Take a picture of you with any MC or Clinton road sign you see as you get closer to Preview Day! It can be another selfie, or if  you’re with a group take a pic with everybody! It can be off the wall stuff, too. Think outside the box! For bonus: Post a video of you doing the Choctaw Chop!

So, have fun, be safe and I’ll see you at Preview Day!

Andrew, Sophomore Blogger, Adventurer, Choctaw Fan

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