Sharing My Space: Morgan Edition

Hey bloggers! It’s Morgan, sharing two things with you about college living:

1 – College life = dorm life.

2 – Dorm life = being as creative or random as you want.

Not only do you get a new room in college, but you get the freedom to design and decorate it the way YOU want.

My freshman year, I decided to pick one word to describe my ideal living space: Cozy. 


Now that my room has become everything I dreamed it would be (almost…), check out my favorite parts of the little 12”x15” room I affectionately refer to as the “Sista Crib.”

Come on in, I’ll show you around!

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My Roommate:

My favorite thing about my room is the person I share it with:

Taylor, my sister! (Hence: the “Sista Crib”)

We love hanging out and being crazy. We’ve got really different personalities, but that’s why we love living together! Sometimes we leave the room and don’t see each other all day, sometimes we sit in the room and talk until 2 am, but no matter what, it’s wonderful to have a friend at home to greet me when I walk in the door of our little Latt Webb room.

No matter who your roommate is, with a little dedication and communication, you can make your room a place you BOTH love.

(Look how much we’ve changed!)

Us then:


Us now:


I love living with her. (And I think she likes me too!)

My Grandfather’s Hutch:

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This unique desk hutch is one of the smaller but lovelier parts of my room. My grandfather loves wood-working, so my senior year of high school I asked if he could make a hutch for my desk. He didn’t hesitate to jump on the task. The next summer, he made the same thing for my sister. Now, I take a little memory of him to school with me every year!

This hutch is also a great place for one of my favorite things: lots and lots of books on the shelves–books I’ve read and books I haven’t.

I also love decorating the wood with written reminders of God’s promises and cute instagram printouts to remember the fun times of life.
(Check out instagram magnets for your fridge! Post a notification on facebook OR enter the coupon code: FRIEND85X1 and get $2 off your purchase!)

Lunchtime on a Skyscraper:

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This meaningful picture of construction workers having lunch on a skyscraper beam is small and doesn’t take up much space. Looks pretty risky to me!

Does this picture make you smile? Well, we put this up in our room for a number of reasons:
1. Because everyone needs a little black&white to make them happy.
2. Because progress is always on the horizon. So get out there and DO something!
3. Because of the reminder to take risks and try new things, even in the simplest of tasks.
4. Because tall scary things don’t have to daunt you.

The Coffee Station:

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This station competes with my roommate for my favorite part of the room. Okay not really.

It is currently filling the room with the smell of Folger’s Toasted Hazelnut. If you think that sounds amazing, it is.

Coffee Heaven is located on top of the fridge, and I’m pretty sentimental about what’s on it: our favorite Anthro mugs, our cute coffee maker, and some coasters from our trip to Ireland last summer!

Taylor added her own personal touch by saving a Wheat Germ jar and filling it with some leftover daisies. If you think the flowers look dead, they are, but they give the picture character. (Don’t worry, we change them out often!)

The painting is my favorite part because the artist was in 3rd grade when she painted it and she’s pretty proud of her work. (You can call me da Vinci).

Finally, we covered the top of the fridge with burlap, giving it a makeshift tablecloth and making Coffee Heaven super homey!

The Couch:

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This ‘ole girl is our pride and joy. Bought at a thrift store for $35, this couch is my best friend on chill mornings or crazy days! She’s unarguably the most comfortable thing in the world, and I hope she lasts 10 more years. (Sorry, I just personified a couch. You would too if you sat on her.)

The Light, The Warmth:

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Two great ways we make our room a home: curtains and lights. It sounds minor, but having the right lighting can really put the finishing touches on a cozy room. During the day, the purple glow is incredibly inviting (and tempting if you’re ready for a nap!) And at night, the lights make us cozy and comfy while we get ready for bed!

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Don’t forget to invite your friends over! Make time for community and for people because they make life fun.

What’s your favorite part of your living space?

-Morgan, lover of all things sentimental, daydreamer, wannabe photographer, loves Christmas lights year round.

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