Before the Turkey: Acceptable Christmas Activities BEFORE Thanksgiving

Howdy folks! Your friendly neighbor blogger Drake here.

You’ve made it past the tricks and treats of Halloween.


Now Thanksgiving is heading to your plate.


And don’t look now, but right after Thanksgiving, it’s Christmas time!


Now if you’re like me, you’re an Eager Beaver when it comes to Christmas approaching.


You long for the Christmas season, even (dare I say) before Thanksgiving! And sometimes your friends look at you like this:

notchristmasyet1(drawing via )

Now, calm down. If you are someone who is obsessed with Christmas like I am, fear no longer! Some Christmas activites are, in fact, acceptable before Thanksgiving.

They are, but not limited to:

1. Watching Elf


I’ll admit: I’m a bit biased on this one. Elf is one of my favorite movies of all time. And in my humble opinion, it is just too good of a movie to limit to the “Christmas season,” normally defined as Black Friday through New Year’s Day.

In case you still you need to be convinced, allow me to remind you of several of the best Elf quotes:

“The best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear.”

“I’m singing; I’m in a store; and I’m singing; I’m in a store; and I’m siiiingiiiing!”

“I just like to smile; smiling’s my favorite!”


“Santa’s coming! I know him! I know him!”


2. Listening To And Singing SOME Christmas Music

FUN FACT: Did you know that the song “Jingle Bells” was originally a Thanksgiving song? Well, now you do! So when you’re on your way to grandmother’s house in your “One Horse Open Sleigh” (the original title of the song) over Thanksgiving break, be sure to do a little “dashing through the snow.”

As for other Christmas songs, I personally do not wait to listen to them all. In fact, there is a Jackson-area radio station that is playing Christmas music 24/7 from now until Christmas!

However, many of my friends are uneasy about listening to the carols this early; they say that they will get burnt out on Christmas music (as if there is such an evil!). They give me judgmental glances like:


So, when it comes to singing and listening to Christmas songs before Thanksgiving around potential Scrooges, I advise listening to “Jingle Bells” and other songs that talk about the weather. After all, songs like “Let It Snow” and “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” do not even mention Christmas; they just mention the weather getting cold!


3. Putting Up A (FAKE) Christmas Tree In Your Dorm Room


It’s doesn’t have to big, but it also doesn’t have to be Charlie Brown size either (though I enjoyed having a Charlie Tree in my room last year!). These fake trees are quite inexpensive and can be used all throughout your years in the dorm (and beyond!).

4. Buying Christmas Presents

Don’t wait until the last minute! You may be hesitant, eagerly anticipating the great deals on Black Friday, but it is so much easier to beat the crowd and just get the shopping out the way. Plus, many shopping centers and malls are already playing Christmas music!


But, whatever you do, don’t be like Arnold Schwarzenegger in Jingle All The Way and cram your most important Christmas purchase in at the last minute!


5. Wearing Your Best Sweater Vests

If you’re like me, then you love tacky Christmas sweaters.

61QAcbEdU6L._SL1122_(pic via

Unfortunately, there are, once again, many Scrooges out there who would not approve of such attire until after Thanksgiving. So instead, pull out your favorite sweater vests! Red, green, blue, or any other color. Show off your best winter style!

Izod-Boys-Argyle-Sweater-Vest-red(pic via

6. Planning Your Super Fly (Like Reindeer) Christmas Party

We know you’re a party animal. So as my friends at Relient K once titled an album, Let It Snow Baby…Let It Reindeer.


7. Putting Up The Mistletoe 


…ok, maybe not 😉

Drake, giving thanks for Christmas before Christmas

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