Music: The Head and the Heart

Hey guys it’s Morgan and I’m ready for Thanksgiving Break!

Here’s some music to go along with this glorious, much-needed break!

Last year, I walked into my favorite coffee shop in Clinton where my friend let me have a quick listen into his headphones. That’s when I first heard The Head and the Heart.


The Head and the Heart released their first album in 2011, and their most recent album, “Let’s Be Still,” in 2013.

Pretty much every song is unique from another, and I loved discovering new sounds with every new song. The Head and the Heart gets a lot of their inspiration from the Beatles. If you know the Beatles well, you just might be able to pick out some of their sound when you give The Head and the Heart a listen!

My favorite song from their first album is Rivers and Roads. I remember sitting in my friends’ dorm room playing this song on their little keyboard while they played the guitar and banjo. AH, good times.

Here’s Rivers and Roads live:

And my favorites from their new album are Another Story and Shake. So much fun!

Happy Listening!

Morgan, listener, relaxer, sharer.

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