The Art of Awkward, Part 1: The Awkward Survival Guide

Hello! Drake at your service.

You’ve heard it before. And no, you can’t escape it. It’s the word not spoken, the fall we all take, the poison that’s around every corner, the dreaded dreadedness that’s more dreadeded than you could possible ever dread…

It is

“That awkward moment when…”





ScaredgoatAwkward: the struggle that is most certainly real. It lies around every corner, and worst of all, it’s human.


So at this point in the blog, I would like to ask a question as the Killers once asked me (okay, maybe not me specifically, but still): “Are we human, or are we dancer?” (Props to you if you recognize the song!)


Now, you’re either in one of two groups:

1. You have not yet experienced awkwardness, but you will soon experience it.

2. You know awkward. You have felt its uneasy sting. Whether through falling down the stairs at your high school, being asked to dance by someone who is as nervous as can be, or throwing up on your date to the middle school Christmas dance (not naming any names), you have come into contact with THE AWKWARD.

smiley-face-scaredBut fear no longer! I’m here to give you the steps you should follow when you come into contact with THE AWKWARD, much like how a kid named Ned told me how to survive middle school.



The awkward is inevitable. You will come face to face with it. And yes, you are awkward. And rather than denying this characteristic, I find it much more beneficial to just admit it. So say it with me:

“I’m awkward, and I’m proud.”

Again. Louder!

“I’m awkward, and I’m proud!!!”

That’s right. One valuable life lesson we all can learn is to not take ourselves so seriously. Learn to laugh at yourself when you find yourself in an awkward situation. Even if you are the cause of the awkwardness, know that your situation will become just a funny memory soon.


Whether through Tweeting about #ThatAwkwardMomentWhen, or through simply telling your friends in person, make sure you tell you friends about the awkwardness of your life. Quite frankly, this is why I love awkwardness so much; it produces such great stories to laugh at!



Granted, this last step is not for you to do to everyone you encounter. But I’ve learned that one way to best counter awkwardness is simply by staring at someone. Here’s an example:

Friend: “Hey! I (can’t understand voice)”

You: Wait, what?

Friend: “I (still can’t hear)”

You: *Stare*

Friend: (Laughing)

See? You’ve turned what normally is a frustrating situation into a funny situation! So nail down your old cat gaze. I STARE you to!

images (1)

So to close this blog up, know that you are not alone in your awkwardness. You may be more awkward than any other kid on your block, but we’ve all encountered THE AWKWARD at some point in our lives. We are the awkward nation, but how awesome the awkward…awkwardness!

So embrace the awkward.

Tell a friend.

Nail down your stare.

And again say,



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