College Tip: Library Etiquette

Hey guys, it’s Jordyn!

So once you get into college, your daily routine starts to become different.  Trying to make it to all of your classes scattered throughout the day, attempting to make it to the Caf on time, and also fitting in time to hit the books.


The Leeland Speed Library is probably the most popular place to study on Mississippi College’s campus.  With three floors filled with computers, books, and study areas, it makes for a great place to get some studying done.  While the library may be your favorite place to study, it could also be someone else’s chosen place of getting work done.


With that being said, let’s talk about some library etiquette tips on how to be the best book worm in the library without being a nuisance to those around you.  We all know there are those people that disturb us to no end while we’re trying to cram for a test.  We surely don’t want to be that person, so here are some general guidelines to follow while spending time in the library.

  1. Printing.  So we all have a certain amount of MC credits to be able to use the printer in the library.  To give some background: you choose a vacant computer (if there are any, we’ll get to that later) and send your document to the printer.  You then walk to the single computer located near the printer, log in, and print your document.  Seems simple, right?  Well, if 10 other people also decide to print at that same time, you’ll be waiting in line.  The main problem with this are people who decide to print their entire PowerPoint slides for the semester right in front of you when you have to turn in your paper in five minutes.  This causes problems.  To be considerate of others using the printer, if you have a huge print job, it’s best to do it in increments so you don’t spend 15 minutes at the printer holding up the line.
  2. Computers.  There are a good number of computers available for students’ use in the library, but not enough for every student.  A lot of people go in and out of the library to solely log on a computer to print something, then they will leave.  Others, however, use the computer for school work purposes which take up much more time.  Either way, use your computer time wisely.  There are always people waiting to get to the next available computer, so if you’re texting or browsing social media while at the library computers, you might want to let someone else have your spot.  Respect not only your time, but others’ time as well.
  3. Study rooms.  There are a couple of enclosed study rooms in the library, and these are designated for groups of two or more.  Unless you’re in a group project and need to work with other people, leave the study rooms vacant.  If you’re only looking for a cool place to study with a friend with whom you won’t even have a conversation with while studying, don’t occupy one of these rooms.  DEFINITELY if you’re by yourself, don’t use a study room.
  4. Keep the music down.  Headphones are supposed to solve the loud  music problem, but we all know that person who blasts their music through their ear buds.  Regardless of how damaging playing loud music through headphones can be to your ears, be respectful of those around you by not turning up your music as loud as it can go.  Your music can be at a certain level to drown out distractions without it being a distraction itself.
  5. Keep quiet!  When you’re around people who are studying, even whispering can be a distraction.  If you run into a friend or get a phone call, go to the lobby or step outside.  Eating an entire bag of crunchy chips with people all around you probably isn’t a good idea either.

Overall, be considerate and respectful of those around you.  This will not only make you the best library neighbor ever, but learning to be considerate will make you an awesome classmate, roommate, and friend.

Jordyn, fan of considerate people & learning to be more caring

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