MC Christmas Traditions

Hey there, it’s Jordyn!

Mississippi College loves Christmas time!  The winter clothes, hot beverages, yummy holiday food, and most of all: remembering and celebrating the birth of Jesus.

There are a ton of Christmas events that happen every year on MC’s campus.  Some of the traditions you can look forward to are the Lighting of the Quad, The Best Christmas Pageant Ever, and the Festival of Lights.

Lighting of the Quad

This is an annual event created and put on by the Campus Activities Board (CAB).  The center of campus, the Quad, is illuminated with decorative Christmas lights and is a sight to see.  Typically, you can hear some live music, sip hot chocolate, and consume holiday treats.  This year, Lighting of the Quad will be held on Dec. 3rd (tomorrow!!).  Bundle up and grab some friends to take a stroll through the Lighting of the Quad.




The Best Christmas Pageant Ever

BestChristmasPageantEver7From Barbara Robinson’s 1971 book, The Best Christmas Pageant Ever, a play has been created to portray the same story of rowdy children who learn Christmas’ real meaning.  This play displays the deep meanings of Christmas while also being extremely humorous.  This campus favorite was performed through Nov. 18-22 this year.


This year's cast!

This year’s cast!

Festival of Lights

festivalThis year will be the 28th annual Festival of Lights created by the Music Department of MC.  Held in the historic Provine Chapel, the Mississippi College Singers present music, Christmas carols, and Scripture readings that celebrate and give thanks to the birth of Jesus.  The Singers enter and exit the dark chapel by candlelight.  This is a truly unique and warming experience!

lights2MC hosts a ton of events every year for its students to participate in.  Around Christmas time, these are some great traditions to join in on and experience with your friends.  I’m looking forward to these events and I hope you are too!


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