Making Disciples: Part III

Hey friends, it’s Elizabeth again, with more thoughts on making disciples. I didn’t intend for this to turn into a series, but more and more kept needing to be said. This may be the last one for a while, but I mean, we’ll see… 🙂

Last time, we left off talking about what a disciple is, but one of the greatest blessings in discipleship is getting to participate in the disciple making. We are not only called to be a disciple (follower of Jesus),  but eventually to be a discipler: one who makes disciples! A discipler not only leads by example but pours into other disciples–keeping them accountable in their growing relationship with the Lord.


Jesus set a perfect example of what person-to-person disciple making looks like. He simply allowed others to follow Him. They got to be with Him when he would eat, sleep, travel, teach, and pray. This life-on-life discipleship is something that Jesus intentionally modeled for us and commands us to continue in.

He has equipped us to go and be fishers of men, to seek out those who are lost as well as those who are ripe for harvest.

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When the woman who first discipled me told me to disciple others, I insisted that I was not ready for that! It made me so nervous! But she asked me… “Are you pursuing the Lord?”

My answer was yes, and that was enough.

There is no magic formula to make you “ready” to be a discipler. There is not a moment where you have suddenly arrived, either. If you are a growing disciple, then you are equipped to make disciples. Simple as that.


Consider what Paul told Timothy who was younger in the faith: “You then, my son, be strong in the grace that is in Christ Jesus. And the things you have heard me say in the presence of many witnesses entrust to faithful men who will also be qualified to teach others.” 2 Timothy 2:1-2

2 Things: Be strong in Jesus’ grace and teach faithful men.

If you are pursuing the Lord then that means you are gaining experience and growth that needs to be passed on to others.  Plus, you have the Holy Spirit living in you! So believe it or not, you are equipped for the job. You are not the god of this person’s life, you are just asking that person to follow you as you follow Christ. You are asking them to watch you as you succeed and as you fail, as you rejoice and as you weep. You are inviting them into the happy as well as the messy parts of your life, because it’s in suffering where growth happens the most.

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You are a physical example of Christ-like character for that person to follow. You are not called to be perfect. You are human. But when you mess up, you get back on your feet and show other disciples that it is okay to mess up as long as we learn and grow.

With that being said ask yourself 2 questions:

Am I a disciple? 

And if yes: Who are faithful people around me who need to be taught?

Seek the Lord on what happens next. It looks different for everyone. However, the model of multiplying and His Truth and faithfulness never change.


Continue in doing good, Redeemed Ones. Holy is who you are now–live like it. 

Elizabeth, a fellow Redeemed One

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