Music: Instruments of Mercy

Hey guys, it’s Jordyn here to tell you about some new tunes you definitely want to check out.

I’ve written about the hip-hop trio Beautiful Eulogy in the past, and they’ve made their way back on the Choctawk with the release of their new album Instruments of Mercy.


If you’re new to hearing about Beautiful Eulogy, let me tell you a little about this interesting group.  Beautiful Eulogy consists of two emcees(rappers), Braille and Odd Thomas, and a producer, Courtland Urbano.  These artists are not new to the hip-hop game and have been creating their own music for years.  They are a part of the record label, Humble Beast whose tagline is “more humble rappers, please.”

brailleBraille is originally from Portland, Oregon and has been making music since he was 13 years old.   Braille has certainly made a name for himself in the hip-hop scene by working with many well-known artists, the group De La Soul being one of them.  Braille has also toured with James Brown and has toured as a youth motivational speaker.   The meaning behind his name?  Helping people understand things they can’t see.


Odd Thomas is originally from Long Beach, California which can explain why he is a part of the hip-hop scene.  Odd Thomas has done solo projects and has also worked with Propaganda to form a duo mixtape.


Courtland Urbano is originally from San Antonio, Texas.  He is an excellent producer who creates all of the beats for Beautiful Eulogy.  Courtland keeps it old-school by using boom-bap beats as his basis, but creatively incorporates folk and indie sounds into these beats.  Courtland’s music is some of the most unique sounds out there.


Beautiful Eulogy released Instruments of Mercy as a free album on Oct. 29, 2013.  This album does not stray too far from their first album, Satellite Kite.  The best thing I love about Beautiful Eulogy is that they do not try to mirror current mainstream hip-hop.  They create their own unique sound and stick to it.  There are no gimmicks nor cheesiness with Beautiful Eulogy– they truly speak from the heart.

As the album name suggests, this album is all about God’s mercy.  Braille and Odd Thomas are excellent emcees who spit ferociously fast and clean, giving it an old-school, raw sound.  The lyrics throughout this album are astonishing.  They speak about real issues and opinions they have as Christians, and don’t sugar coat it.  To give some examples, here are some bars you can find throughout Instruments of Mercy.

Can mankind make an image of a god and be convinced that the god they imagine in their mind is a god that exists? But if God made man, how can man make a god and make a claim that God is confined to fit within a frame? How can mankind decide how God should be identified? Can you alter the truth if you accept or deny? Do the stars disappear when the blind look at the sky, or do they simply fail to see what was there the whole time?– Braille, You Can Save Me

“This is a re-introduction plus some practical perspective, for those of us indeed who are in need of complete vision correction.  The only thing that’s required is a lens that’s genuinely objective and a minute of your time to wrap your mind around divine perception because even the most mindless and spiritually blind can be the spectator in the theatre of God’s magnificent design, if you would incline your ears and your eyes to these sounds and these signs we would attempt to rightly refine and align your crooked sight.” – Odd Thomas, Vital Lens

This is an album you can listen to a thousand times and still be able to dissect these intriguing, thought-provoking lyrics.

Here is an official video for their single, Vital Lens.

Here is another video they released from Instruments of Mercy, the song Release Me From This Snare.

Enjoy these jams! You can download Instruments of Mercy for free here.


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