Let the Merriness Begin

Hey guys, it’s Lauren, wishing you a Merry Christmas!

Christmas is a few weeks away, but is it too early to start celebrating? I think not. The longer the Christmas season, the better. So, how can you begin your merriness during the Christmas season? Here are a few suggestions.

1. Listen to Christmas Music

There are all types of Christmas music. From “Silent Night” to “Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer”  to “Mary Did You Know”, find the Christmas genre that fits your style and rock out.


2. Watch Christmas Movies

If you’re looking for a classic animated film to reminisce your childhood days, How the Grinch Stole Christmas or A Charlie Brown Christmas will take you back in time.

Want a movie night with friend?  Prepare for many laughs with Elf or A Christmas Story.

Or, if you are with your family and prefer to watch a family friendly film, Miracle on 34th Street or It’s a Wonderful Life are classic.


3. Have a bake-off

Who doesn’t love cookies? Bake and decorate cookies with friends and then party on with a cookie-swap.


4. Decorate

Fill your dorm with fun decorations to keep you in the spirit. Invest in a small Christmas tree that you can decorate with friends, hang Christmas lights in your room (that you can keep up all year…), and buy the Christmas scented glad pug ins. Don’t want to spend money? Cut out snow flakes that you can hang from your ceiling.


5. Give.

There is more joy found in giving than receiving. Set aside your personal Christmas list and pay attention to the needs of those around you. There are numerous opportunities to serve and meet the needs of others. Organizations such as Operation Christmas Child and local food pantries will accept donations. Look for ways to serve and give of your time in your church. Also, don’t forget to be attentive to the people you cross paths with everyday; you may find a unique way to bless the life of someone right beside you.

OCCkids– Lauren, a Christmas fanatic

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