Sharing My Space: Andrew and Cole Edition

What’s up Party People?! It’s Andrew and Cole on a collaboration blog to follow up Morgan’s blog about dorm life.

What do you do when you’re not a girl or don’t have an interior designer as your mom???

You have…. The Bro Room.

Come check it out!

The Roommates:

Honestly, Cole and I aren’t best friends or BFFs or whatever you want to call it. We are roommates and good friends, and that’s ok. The important thing is that we can function well together. We respect each other’s sleep schedules, try to keep each other accountable on keeping the room clean, and strive to keep the peace. Most of the time spent in the room is either spent sleeping or playing the latest Call of Duty game. We both like to study in places away from the room and reserve the room as a place to relax. The key to roommate success is communication. Just let your roommate know how it is. If there’s a problem, talk about it and fix it. It’s not that hard. If not, then turn on your favorite music and eat some Oreos.

Here’s us Freshman Year:

cole and andrew

Here’s us Now:

photo (1)

The Fridge: 


Well… almost. The refrigerator is a vital part of our room setup. We’re both big eaters and love to have extra food handy for late night snackage.

Cole’s Fridge Favorites:

  • Milk. It’s essential. How can you have Oreos without milk?
  • Mini Reese’s. I really like to keep some Reese’s in the freezer and snack on them whenever I come in the room.
  • Glass Bottle Cokes: What’s better than Classic Coca-Cola? Coke in a glass bottle! It’s just better.


Andrew’s Fridge Favorites:

  • Gatorade. My favorite flavors are Glacier Freeze, Cool Blue and Riptide Rush.
  • Leftovers. Whether I went out to eat or got some food from my parents, having leftover food in the fridge is always a good thing. Just make sure to eat it before it goes bad. (I’ve never had that problem, but one of my friends left some eggnog in his fridge for a while and it was disastrous.)
  • Vanilla Coke. I don’t know what “it” is, but Vanilla Coke has it and I like it.

The Bookshelves:

Some of my family’s friends love doing crafty projects and made a set of narrow bookshelves that are perfect for a college dorm room. The bookshelves allow us to keep our school books and binders organized as well as a place to hold our growing movie collection. Organization is a skill that I wish I knew better, and having a bookshelf definitely helps in the constant battle with disorder.

The Bros:

One of the greatest things about living in a dorm is the community among the people who live on the hall. College is the only time of your life when you can live in a residence hall with all of your friends. A bunch of my friends from Shawreth, a club on campus, all decided to live on the same hall on the third floor of Ratliff. The community has been great, and we’ve really enjoyed our time within such close contact. A friend recently shared this picture from MC History:


That just about wraps it up for dorm life. I hope you enjoyed this sneak peek into our college experience!

Signing off,

Andrew and Cole, Sophomore Bloggers, Shawreth Actives, Lighting and Thunder

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