Restaurants: Second Course

Hey guys, it’s Cole again hitting you up with, yep, you guessed it, some more restaurant suggestions. If it is alright with you guys, I thought I might branch out of just Jackson and tell you guys about some of the cool places around us that I think definitely deserve some attention.

For the first one, we’ll keep it in the city with one that means a lot to me personally, Crechale’s, located on Hwy 80 in West Jackson. I love this restaurant because it means a lot not just to me but my family. All of my aunts, uncles, and my grandmother on my mother’s side have a birthday in January; so every year we gather at Crechale’s for a small reunion to celebrate fresh starts, years passing, and good food. Speaking of food, Crechale’s has lots of delicious choices, making it a great night out with a large variety to appease any type of eater. Personally, I am a huge sucker for their  Prime Ribeye cooked to such perfection that you would be surprised such a hole in the wall restaurant, with its dark interior stained with character, could put out such a masterpiece of meat. Not only can they pump out well cooked and tender steaks, but they are masters of the surf and turf with their stuffed crab, shrimp, and even fried frog legs! If that doesn’t make you want to hop right over there then I don’t know what will. I also strongly suggest that even if you aren’t excited by the food I have mentioned, please take time to visit this great restaurant and experience the unique atmosphere it’s maintained for the last 57 years.

Crechales interior

Well, like I promised, we are going to venture a little farther away from Jackson to have a some fantastic breakfast for supper at Heart and Soul in Brandon, Mississippi. I have been a die hard fan of this new place since it opened last year next, connected to a Shell station near City Hall, although recently, it has expanded to an old Dollar tree behind the Shell station.

Heart and Soul netted nearly 1 million dollars in its first fiscal year. If that sort of success doesn’t speak for itself, than when I tell you about some of the choice meals they offer, you’ll be loading into the car to get a table faster than you can turn off your computer. First, I’ll start with a little confession by being honest and saying that as much as I love food, I have not always been the most adventurous eater; some might even call me picky. But if I had to point to one specific event that convinced me to get out and try new things, it would be the day my senior year when my mom convinced me and my friend Austin to just try one bite of Heart and Soul’s Banana’s Foster Waffle. To say we tore that thing up, would be an understatement of large proportions. We couldn’t get enough of it. It had to be one of the richest, most delicious breakfast items I had ever put into my mouth at 1 in the afternoon. Don’t think that breakfast is all these kind folks are good at. I’ve had several items including their Smoked Brisket Sandwich and Chicken Fajita Salad and have never been disappointed. If you have the chance, I would definitely take a trip over to experience it. 

That’s all I have for today, but I hope you have enjoyed it and will make your way to one of these fine eatery’s to see for yourself the delicious secrets they hold.

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