7 Secrets to Making Finals Fun

Hannah the blogger, what’s your favorite color?!

It’s crazy to actually think that finals week can be fun, but believe it or not, it can become a very memorable time!

One of my favorite traditions during finals week is when my roommate and I make a “study” fort in our room! My roommate decided that if she was going to have crazy long study sessions in our room, she was going to make it a fun atmosphere. So we grabbed all of our extra blankets and sheets and hung them over the Christmas lights we had previously hung across our ceiling. It was a blast! It almost made us look forward to coming to our room to study.


or you could try being hard core like this guyfinals camp out

Something every freshmen finds out during finals week is that the campus turns strangely quiet, and the library becomes packed. If you don’t stake your claim on a spot in the Library, you might as well not even try to study in there. All dorm lobbies will be filled with study groups. Coffee shops, yeah those are packed too. So realizing that all of those great and usual study spots are now taken, you are left with the only place you can call yours, your room. But if you are anything like me… I can’t study in my room, I would rather just crawl in bed and sleep rather than study. But changing the environment a little can actually make studying fun!

So here are some tips to help you not only survive finals week, but make it fun and memorable!

1. Find a study spot and make yourself comfortable.

study_timeWhen it comes to studying for finals, there is no shame in camping out and really just making yourself at home. At one point, I was a faithful library goer, and truly the only way to keep a spot was to show up early in the day and have someone save my spot anytime I had to leave for class or meals. But I came prepared. I brought snacks, water, warm socks, took my shoes off, brought a blanket, and really make myself comfortable. All other hard core studiers understood that I was going to be there for a while, so there was no shame. If anything, you can finally look like the hardcore college student like you’ve seen in the movies.

2. Take study breaks.

Aka: Finalsstar gaze study break

Go on a walk and get some fresh air!walk outside

Some of my favorite memories in college have been from study breaks. One time during finals we found out there was going to be a meteor shower. So my friends and I planned to study hard for a while then take an hour break to go watch the meteor shower. It was a ton of fun! Another time it actually started snowing while we were studying. So my friends came yelling through the library that it was snowing! (I know… I have the greatest friends 🙂 Everybody ran out of the library and started playing in the snow! Such Great Memories!

It is also good to take mental breaks and to get physically active. Stepping outside and getting some fresh air is really rejuvinating. Get your blood pumping by doing some jumping jacks. But the most fun way to take a physical and mental break is having a mini dance party. This is easier to do if you are in a study room and can play some music, but again, no shame in just getting up where you are and dancing! (dare you to do it) ((oh, and if you do do it, please comment here and let us know!) But this is how it works, find a fun song, and for 30 seconds just go crazy! (don’t forget to be considerate of those studying around you) But my friends and I will do this, and not only does it take some stress away but it is a great memory maker!

mini dance party

CAREFUL: When taking internet breaks, give yourself a time limit. We all know how easy it is to get sucked into checking facebook and pinteresting and then realizing a whole hour has gone by. Time is precious during Finals Week.

3. Dont forget to Eat and Sleep.


This is very important. Seriously. You might think that you would never forget about these things, but time flies. Soon you realize that you still haven’t studied for a final yet that is suddenly tomorrow, and you start to panic!! Yes, it is very important to study, but food and sleep are both necessary for your brain to function correctly and retain any of that information you are trying to cram.

4. Study in Groups!

Just make  sure that this group will actually focus. Don’t waste your time with a group that is distracting. The point is to help each other focus and go over material.


5. Coffee is your friend.

study and coffee

If you are not a coffee drinker yet, now is a good time to start. I am a little biased because I am a true coffee lover. But it was times like finals when I truly began my relationship with coffee. Now we are the best of friends.



CAUTION: Finals are no joke. You should not wait ’til the night before to study for your finals. Create a study guide, and then let the night before the exam be about reviewing your study guide.

WARNING: Study guide moochers don’t make friends. Don’t be that person.

7. Don’t let Finals intimidate you.

studying is ruff

Yes, they are challenging, and you literally feel like your brain might explode, but (say this to yourself) YOU CAN DO IT! They are doable, and everyone always survives (as long as you take them seriously and don’t make silly decisions) ((Remember, you are at college for a reason)) But look at those in the class ahead of you. SEE! They made it! So can you!

Hannah- finals veteran, lover of fun and Christmas, pro-caffeinator (one who procrastinates until they have had caffeine)

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