Trials and Tribulations of a Coffee-Loving College Student: Guest Blog by Mary Rogers

Greetings future Choctaws,

During high school we were all told that whenever we went to college we would find our other halves, and in all honesty, I truly believe I have discovered the missing piece of my life: coffee. The affair began out of simple necessity–a way to keep myself awake through classes, homework, and rush, but now, pure joy stems from drinking coffee.


However, every relationship has its problems, and my love for coffee has begun doing harm instead of good. I cannot sleep at night because of the caffeine rushing through my veins, and my wallet becomes lighter with every passing day. The literal cost of constant coffee use plagues not only me, but also several other college students. The love for coffee and for saving money brings up a soul searching question. Can I still experience a great cup of coffee while saving money?

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Those who do not understand the glory of coffee turn their noses up at the sweet aroma and say that I should renounce coffee for the rest of my life. However, I believe that these people do not understand the beauty that comes from brewing and ingesting the nectar of the gods. These people claim that since I am getting more sleep, I do not need coffee anymore, and technically, they would be correct. I do not need coffee to get me through the day anymore, but now, I drink coffee for pleasure. I love the smell, the taste, and the feeling that coffee gives. How could I turn my back on a creation that has changed my life so drastically?


A possible solution to my empty wallet presents itself in Mississippi College’s cafeteria. In the Caf, the availability of coffee never ends and can be chosen as my choice drink during every meal, but it’s not as tasty as a Cups cup of coffee or even a Starbucks cup of coffee… On most days, I need coffee infused with chocolate and caramel to truly brighten my day. Thus, I believe that buying a Keurig would be the best solution to saving money and getting a flavorful cup of coffee.

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My order at my favorite coffee shop, Cups, costs $4.12. Typically, I get coffee from there or the Commons once a day, and on occasion, I indulge twice. In one week, I spend almost thirty dollars on coffee alone. Over the course of a month, the total cost of my coffee addiction adds up to over a hundred dollars. Over the school year, I would spend about $1000 on coffee alone. Purchasing a Keurig would be a one-time cost of approximately $150, and a pack of twenty-four of the compatible single servings of coffee cost around sixteen dollars. If I bought two of these twenty-four packs a month, over the course of the year, I would spend $384 on the coffee alone. Factoring in the cost of the Keurig, creamer, and sugar, I would save almost $400, and in case these words of wisdom have not graced your ears, $400 goes a long way in college.


For me, giving up coffee would be like experiencing a bad break-up, which would not end well for me or the people who see me every day. Moral of the story: If you think that you might become addicted to coffee while here at Mississippi College, invest in a Keurig or start saving now.

– Mary Rogers, freshman, coffee addict, solution seeker

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