Personalities: Do They Really Matter? (With Fun Character Charts)

Happy New Year, Campers! Drake here with the latest and greatest on the planet earth.

What is your personality? As a Psychology major, I am fascinated by people. Put me at the mall, and I’ll be all like


In my Intro to Psychology class last spring, I took a common personality test that has greatly helped me to understand why I am the way I am. It is known as the Myers Briggs Test, and you can take it for FREE here:

I am an ENFJ, slightly more extroverted than introverted.  To help you understand your four letter personality type better, here are some fun charts:

First, some basic explanations:


Next, a tribute to The Lord of the Rings:


Here’s one for you Harry Potter fans out there:


For all you animal lovers out there:


And of course, Disney Princesses for the ladies:


Now, this is all fun and such, but why does knowing your personality matter? As I have studied personality types more and more, I am increasingly seeing that people are very uniquely wired. Different people have different needs. In addition, certain situations that might make you uncomfortable or unhappy might make another person’s day.


All of this will carry over into your future career. Does your personality type line up with the career you’d like to pursue? As an ENFJ, I am classified by many as “the teacher.” While I am not planning on being a teacher, though I would love to one day to teach college students, I have come to recognize that I highly enjoy investing in others over long periods of time.


It’s also fun to think about how your personality works together with other personalities. In fact, this can especially work well for understanding why you are attracted to certain people. Entire websites are dedicated to personality type relationships. Here’s a good one:

I hope you take some time to consider your personality, especially if you are a teenager reading this. As a teenager, you are discovering the core of who you are: your identity and what drives you in life. Take some time to get to know yourself. God made us all unique for His purposes. Seek to find where you fit in; you’ll be glad you did.


Drake, sophomore blogger


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