A Sneak Preview into MC’s Spring Semester

Hey guys, it’s Hunter. Happy
2014! It’s the start of a new year and a new semester here at
Mississippi College, and I am so pumped about all of the fun stuff
we have planned for Spring 2014! Here are a few of the events that
I am looking forward to, some yearly traditions as well as some
brand new events for 2014: The Big Event – January 20
We are
kicking off this semester with an awesome event planned by one of
our students, Dakota Bibbs. The Big Event is a campus wide service
day with the goal of getting all of the university involved in
serving around the Jackson-Metro area. There are over 250 students
who have already registered to serve. Mississippi College is going
to be the hands and feet of Christ in our community, and I
personally can’t wait to be a part of it. Miss
Mississippi College – January 30 Miss MC
At the end
of the month we have our annual Miss MC Pageant. There are 14 girls
who are vying for the opportunity wear the crown and represent
Mississippi College at the state competition this summer.
Restoration Weekend – February 21 restoration Restoration is a night focused on the spiritual development of MC
students. We have many student and faculty speakers as well as
worship leaders from around the area lined up who will lead the
campus in a time of restoration through worship. This is a
reconstructed version of Mosaic Week that has been a staple of MC
over the past few years. Mardi Gras Event – March 4
mardi gras
This event
is becoming one of MC’s favorite traditions, and this year is
bringing some new changes as the event moves onto the brick streets
of Old Town Clinton. Fun jazz bands, beignets, king cake, and a
great atmosphere have characterized this event in the past and this
year is sure to not disappoint! Derby Week – March
17-22 Derby
This is a
week long celebration of all things clubs and tribes. Derby Week is
jam packed with competitions between the clubs and tribes here on
campus. It ends with derby day which is an extreme field day on the
quad. The winner of Derby Week is rewarded with major points to go
towards their club or tribe’s final point total for club or tribe
of the year. Spring Fever – March
Spring Fever is another week long celebration
here on campus. During this week the Campus Activities Board plans
fun events all throughout the week welcoming in the spring season.
Some traditions for this week include the crawfish boil and a
concert, normally featuring a country or folk artist.
Intramurals intramuralsIntramurals
keeps us active and busy during the spring semester. The sports
that will be offered this spring are: water volleyball, basketball,
tennis, and soccer. Get your teams together and get ready to take
to the court, or pool, or pitch, whichever sports you want to be a
part of! It is sure to be a great semester of intramural
competition! MC Creates- April 1 feature-1 For all you music and art
lovers, this is the event for you. MC Creates is a recital that
showcases the talents of students from the English department,
Music department, and Fine Arts department who have teamed up to
make one of the coolest creative experiences yet. Poems or short
stories written by MC’s English students are given to MC’s music
composition students who write songs based off of these works.
These songs are then given to MC’s graphic design students who
create visual interpretations of the written and musical
compositions. These creations all come together in a recital that
includes a reading of the original poems and stories, a live
performance of the musical compositions performed by MC’s piano
students, and a slideshow of the graphics displayed during the live
piano performances! I don’t know about you, but I am stoked for
everything that is planned for this semester. Here’s to making this
the best semester ever! To our prospective students, get excited as
well because soon you can be a part of all of the fun. Happy Spring
2014, friends! – Hunter

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