Remember the Alamo! I Mean… Last Semester.

Hey y’all! Your Texan Choctawker Hannah here! I just wanted to share some of my reflections from this past semester with you…


If you experienced a fall semester similar to mine, you probably are feeling the same way as me, relieved. Last semester was probably the most challenging semester of my college career. So now that it’s over, I feel incredibly relieved yet apprehensive for this next semester. I fear having to go through the same thing again. But if anything is true, it is that I made it. I survived last semester. And I believe that if I survived last semester, I can do anything!


Christmas break came right at my breaking point. Perfect timing. And it was great! I finally caught up on all my lost sleep, ate some great food, and got to spend some great quality time with family. Of course, break seemed to fly by and a whole new semester has come. I partially feel anxious about this semester, but when I reflect on my last year, I realize that the only way I actually survived was through the Lord’s strength. It is easy to remember the feeling of how difficult things are, but when I truly think about last semester, I remember all of the amazing things I was a part of and how I got to witness the Lord do some incredible things. One of those things was me making it through the semester and actually thriving to some extent.  So if there is one thing I’m going to do this semester, it’s remember the truth that the Lord is faithful and enough.


This semester is a new time. A fresh start. A time I can exercise my trust in the Lord. And a time I get to see the Lord work in and through my life. There is so much to look forward to! There are so many events going on this semester! (check out our other blog written by our own Choctawker Hunter to hear about the fun things going on at MC this semester!) New times to make more memories!


So even though Christmas break is unfortunately over, the new year has come! This doesn’t have to be a bad thing! It is a New Year! A new semester! It is a chance to start fresh!


This is the time to be a good student! If you haven’t tried that yet, actually go to class and learn.


Talk to your professors! They want to help you!


Get involved! We have a lot to look forward to this semester at MC.  Remember to check out our blog written by Hunter! (*hint hint, wink wink*)

mardi gras

Get active! And I’m not just talking about going to the gym. I am saying don’t waste your days away. I know how easy it is to get into the rhythm of going to class, eating, sleeping, and watching TV in your room. But take ownership of your day and go DO something!  MAKE  MEMORIES!


Step outside of your comfort zone and try something new! Like making a new habit, trying a new hobby or reviving an old one, meeting some new people in new environments. Go camping, bake more, hang out with those cool people you always wanted to be friends with, find fun but cheap ways to make memories!


My friends and I went hiking/exploring and found an old tire swing! #makingmemories

If you are worried about this semester, DON’T! If you made it through last semester, you can make it through this one!


Hannah, reflector and world-changer

One response to “Remember the Alamo! I Mean… Last Semester.

  1. Hey Hannah,

    Excellent reflection on this past year. It’s awesome to see that you made it through, and you came away with some valuable insights. It’s easy to get buried in all of the college stress, but I’m glad to see that you kept your head about you and realized that there is still an awesome life out there waiting for you. Great job and never lose sight.

    All the best,

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