From Break to Start

Hello all, Jordyn here!

All students look forward to holiday breaks.  From the start of the school year in August, most are already counting down until it’s time to go home for fall break, Thanksgiving, or even Christmas break.


It’s great to look forward to having some time off to see family and friends back home, but if that’s all you can think about at the beginning of the year, chances are your semester won’t be that enjoyable.  You’ve gotta find that motivation to keep you going in the semester and also motivation when you return to school after time off.

This definitely hits home with me.  I was feeling pretty burnt out this past semester and couldn’t wait until it was time for Christmas break to have that glorious month off of school.  I got home, acted pretty lazy, went on vacation, and came back to MC.  As breaks always do, it went by lightning fast and it was time to hit the books again.

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Unfortunately, I still felt burnt out and unexcited to start this semester (& it’s my last one until graduation, I should be excited, right?!)  I went through the normal routine; got my planner, textbooks, pen, and paper and I was about ready as I ever would be to start this semester.  My room was still messy and I didn’t even organize my binder yet, but I made it to my classes not feeling too thrilled.

Sometimes breaks can give you the extra down time to get you motivated again to come back to school, but sometimes it just doesn’t cut it.


Each person finds motivation differently –but a general piece of advice I can give is to stay positive.  Waking up in the morning and immediately dreading the day ahead is NOT a good start to your day or week.  Change the way you think.  It may be hard to get out of the bed in the morning, but if you’re already dreading class or work, it won’t make it any more bearable.

Get serious about school.  Make your time in college worth something and give it your all.  You don’t want to look back in life and think you could have generated more quality work.   It’s too easy to sulk and feel unmotivated.  Take charge of your life and be open to the challenges thrown your way.

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Personally, a couple of things got me back in the groove of college life.

One, I was reminded that God is always with me.  I realized I needed to stop dreading classes and already feeling stressed about the semester ahead of me.  God’s already got it all planned out, and there’s nothing I won’t be able to handle.

Two, I attended a class I love that excited me for the semester ahead.  Luckily, at MC we have brilliant professors who can make any subject interesting.  When you get into the area of study you  love, it makes going to class fun.  Explore different subjects and find something that makes you happy to go to class and learn!

Pray for strength, find what motivates you, and take charge of your life!

Jordyn, survivor of 7 (& counting) college semesters

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