Career Day 2014

It’s that time of year again, Mississippi College’s Career Day is right around the corner!


One of the great things about MC is that every spring semester the Career Services department hosts a Career Day event here on the Clinton campus.  You may be thinking, “What’s in store for me if I go to this?”   Well, your future, and a good one at that!

MC has tons of recruiters that attend Career Day every year.  These are employers looking for top notch students, and they come to MC to find them!  This year MC will have employers from Mississippi school districts, insurance companies, hospitals, government agencies, plus many more.


Whether you’re a freshman or a graduating senior looking for a full-time job, any student is welcome to attend.  Even recent MC grads are invited up until four years after their graduation!  MC looks out for its students and wants them to succeed, even after you’ve finished your studies here.


Still lost about what Career Day can do for you?  Networking is a term you’ll become familiar with in college, and that’s what it’s all about.  The more people you know in the business world, the better chances you have at getting hired.   Even if you aren’t currently looking for a job, this is a great way to meet employers and make those connections for when you do need a job in the future.


Employers at Career Day usually have a booth set up with lots of information about their company and positions they are looking for.  You want to be at your best for potential employers, so come looking business professional with plenty copies of your resume to hand out to these employers!


Speaking of resumes, our Career Services department is such a great resource to help students develop resumes as well as prepare them for the business world.  They’ll help you get a clean format down for your resume and cover letter, as well as proofread and make suggestions to ensure it’s a quality resume.  They’ll even help students prepare for job interviews through mock interview trials!

If you’re undecided about a future career and what you’d like to major in, Career Services can help you with that as well.  They provide a personality test that matches your results to career options that line up with your personality type.  Even after taking this test, I was still undecided about what I really wanted a career in, so I scheduled a meeting with the Director of Career Services, Jennifer McGill.  We chatted about my life, interests, and hobbies, and she guided me through different career options that might interest me.  It was so great to talk to someone who knew a lot about college students and the current job market.


Feel free to check out the Career Services homepage.  They have a ton of resources there from describing certain majors to what potential jobs you could get with a specific major!  Career Day is another great opportunity MC offers to its outstanding students.


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