Home Sweet [Church] Home

Hey again friends, its your favorite [Puerto Rican – Hawaiian] blogger Hunter! Today I am talking about something that I have become extremely passionate about over the past few months: finding a church to call home during your college years.

hip church

During the majority of my first two and a half years of college, I spent most Sundays hopping back and forth between churches in the area. When I got to Mississippi College in the fall of 2011 I knew I wanted to “try out” churches of all different kinds: different musical worship styles, preaching methods, or ways of doing ministries. One mistake I made during this time of visiting churches was that I never seriously considered becoming a part of the local church  and joining that congregation’s ministry. This fault resulted in a lack of connection with other members of the body, and thus I never consistently attended a church or got plugged into a ministry.

Over the last half of 2013, I learned to truly value relationships within the church. I’m just going to be honest – last semester was really rough, but it was through fellowship within the body of Christ that I was greatly encouraged and uplifted. During freshman and sophomore years, I missed out on these relationships outside of MC. The past few months I have been consistently going to Fondren Church. This congregation and specifically the college ministry has been such a blessing of conversation and encouragement through the scriptures.


Another benefit to being involved in a local body of believers is the opportunity to serve with the church body and love on others. One of my favorite things about finding a church home in Jackson is that it provides me with a place to serve the community. Finding a local body to serve alongside has been such a blessing. It has broadened my view of the Jackson-Metro area outside of Clinton, and allows me to invest in the lives of people I would not have the opportunity to know otherwise.


I have also met some incredible new people with awesome stories that I have been able to connect with. I love being able to reach outside of campus and share in the community of other college students and young adults in the area. It is vital to be a functioning member of the church, to serve and engage in the lives of members of the body of Christ. If you are currently in college and haven’t found a local church to be part of, keep searching, praying, meeting more new people, and worshiping with those congregations. For all you high schoolers who will be making the move to college soon, keep an open mind and actively pursue finding a place to call home for the four (or five+) years that you will be on your college campus. I promise it will bless you in an incredible way.

Hunter – (church-wanderer and community lover)

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