Welcome Briana Pearson!

The Mississippi Admissions staff welcomes Briana Pearson as the newest member of the Admissions Counselor team!

Briana Pearson

Meet Briana Pearson! Briana, a native of Flowood, Mississippi, is a new MC alum. She graduated with a degree in Elementary Education. And although she still has a dream of teaching one day, she could not be more excited about her new job in the Admissions Department.

If any of you perspective students are from north Louisiana, south Arkansas, or east Mississippi, then you might be lucky enough to have this lovely lady as your admissions counselor!

I got the chance to have a great conversation with Briana and ask her a few questions about her time so far as an Admissions Counselor. Even though Briana was an Orientation Leader, a Scout, and a Blue and Gold leader while she was a student here at MC, she is still learning a lot about Mississippi College since she started her job as an Admissions Counselor. She told me,

“It is really humbling starting a new job, but everyone in the office has been so great to just meet with me and help train me. They are always available to answer any questions I might have. I am definitely learning a lot. It’s been really fun and good! A different learning curve, different from teaching of course, but it has really been rewarding. I love coming to work everyday!”

Since she is an MC alum, I asked her to tell us some of her favorite moments from when she was at MC.

“I could say so many things… Everything about rush. I feel like that is what I always tell people about… That was just such a fun time for me and where I met all of my freshmen core group of friends. I was in Swannanoa, so just all memories associated with that, like grab-a-dates, mystery dates… fun social events that come along with that. I was on CAB (Campus Activities Board) my freshmen and sophmore year, which was an instant way to get involved. I was also on SGA (Student Government Association). But SGA and Club and Tribe life were my big things… of course I love a good formal. (She was a Civitan Men’s Service Club Sweetheart, too) I have been reflecting a lot since I have graduated and have been reminscing on some really great memories I have here at MC. For example: my roommate and I always loved playing in the rain! Or when it snowed really big my freshmen year! Just some really great times. But it is really easy to be involved here at MC.”


After reflecting on the fun memories during her MC years, Briana describes her favorite parts of MC and what she is truly thankful for.

“Mississippi College is really home to me. Just getting to come here to work everyday, I am just flooded with memories from my time here and how great it was. It is just a great environment to be a part of. It really is home, even the people that work in this office with me really care and are so intentional. If I were to use one word to describe the people at MC it would be intentional.The professors are really here for you, everybody is so nice and real. It just feels like home here because you just feel so loved when you are here and that is the thing I love most about MC. And it’s fun for me now because I get to do the loving on people! Whereas in the past people would love on me, now I get to give it back! So that’s fun and it feels great to be able to give back to MC when MC gave me so much.”

But of course I also had to find out some fun and interesting facts about MC’s newest Admissions Counselor!

Soooo…. For all of you out there who still have that inner child within them… Briana does too! She LOVES children’s books! (as any good elementary education major would…) So we had an awesome conversation about all of our favorites! What are her favorites in Children’s Literature you may ask? The 21 Balloons by William De Bois



I found out that she has…

wait for it….

a really squishy nose! Fact: she has extra cartilage in her nose which makes her nose seem, well, really squishy!

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So if any of y’all get the chance to see her or get a call from her, give her a big MC Welcome!

We are all excited to have you on MC staff, Briana!!

Until next time,

Your friendly neighborhood Choctawk blogger,


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