Department Highlight: Studio Art

If you’re a creative, visual, art-loving person, Mississippi College has the perfect program for you to study.  Art doesn’t just have to be a hobby — if you’re passionate about creating art, you can make a career out of it!


MC’s art department offers a variety of majors from graphic design to art education, but today I’m going to tell you about our studio art program.  The art department has two degrees in this field: a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Studio Art or a Bachelor of Arts in Studio Art.  Let me break these down for you.

The Bachelor of Fine Arts in Studio Art (BFA) is a comprehensive program, meaning you do not have to choose a minor because this degree requires more hours from the art department.  There are 49 hours of the university core curriculum required plus 55 hours of the art core curriculum.  The courses in the art core curriculum range from basic design to advanced basic design, from drawing to advanced drawing, the business of art, the history of art, and photography to name a couple.

The great thing about the BFA degree is that students can choose a concentration to focus on that lies with their interests.  Students will take an additional 27 hours in their choice of the painting, sculpture, or ceramics tracks offered.  This gives students a personalized degree plan and the opportunity to have a very focused art degree since a minor is not required.


The Bachelor of Arts in Studio Art (BA) requires 55 hours of the university core curriculum and 49 hours in art courses.  Most of these courses are the same as the core art courses required for the BFA degree.  Instead of having a heavy concentration in painting, sculpting, or ceramics, students are allowed to choose a minor to supplement their art major.  However, the art core curriculum requires a 9 hour concentration in one of the three studio arts so a specialized track is available with the BA degree as well.  With this degree, students are allowed to choose an area other than art to study (a minor) while still learning the fundamentals of studio art.


If you’re beginning to research what you want to major in and you think studio art might be for you, I highly suggest to check out the art department’s website.  They have detailed information about each degree the department offers.  They have the curriculum for each major, course descriptions, faculty information, galleries of students’ work, and scholarship information listed on their website.


I want to encourage you to visit MC’s Career Services website as they provide tons of information about majors and what careers you can expect to go into with that major.  On the site, it lists many people with art degrees who have become an illustrator, art teacher, fashion designer, graphic designer, interior designer, photographer, production manager, visual journalist — there’s a lot!  MC alumni of the art department have been employed by private art galleries and studios, American Society of Clinical Pathologists, colleges and schools in the Jackson Metro area, and MS Public Broadcasting to name a few.  An art degree with specific skills from MC can take you anywhere.

Another great addition to the art department is the Gore Art Gallery.  The Gore Art Gallery is a special part of MC’s campus.  In tribute to Dr. Samuel Marshal Gore, who essentially pioneered MC’s art department in the 1950s and raised scholarship funds to create the Sam Gore Art Scholarship Endowment, hosts many pieces of artwork.  Students in the art department even have their work showcased in the gallery.  The gallery is a beautiful addition to MC’s campus and I’d encourage anyone visiting to go check it out!

Schedule a campus visit through MC’s website and you can sit in on a class of your choice and chat with professors to get the real experience of being in the art program!


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