Featured Friday: Welcome Emma Reeves!

Hey Choctawk readers! We are super excited to release our first Featured Friday guest post featuring high-school senior Emma Reeves! 

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Emma has lots of advice and tips for college-bound students. You’re definitely going to want to check this post out! 

Now without further ado, I’ll turn the blog over to Emma and let her introduce herself! 

Emma Reeves:

What’s up y’all?

Allow me to introduce myself: I’m Emma, a 17 year-old Alabama-raised/music-playing/Jesus-loving/always-reading future Choctaw! I can’t wait to be an MC student in a few short months and wanted to give some advice to future college students like myself, whether you’ve made your college decision or not.


If you’re not sure where you’re going…

1)    Explore all your options!


I discovered MC at a local college fair, but I also used websites like collegeboard.com to find schools. Also, ask people around you where they went to school. Be curious!

2) Visit schools!


This may seem obvious, but it was the most important factor in my decision to come to MC. On my first MC visit, I mentioned to my admissions counselor Michael Wright (aka Mizzy Wiz) that I played ukulele. Before I knew it, he had grabbed a ukulele from the Scout who was giving me a tour, and I was giving a mini concert in front of the entire admissions office! (Yes it was as awkward as it sounds. But it was really cool too!) On my second MC visit, I went to a class, ate lunch with, and met so many students that encouraged me in my decision. Be as much like a student as possible when you’re on campus; there’s no substitute for experiencing the school’s culture.


If you’re looking to make the most of senior year…

1) Love people well!


In your time left at home, make sure that you spend time with family and friends. Take the time to get coffee, go to lunch, or send a text message to someone that the Lord has put on your heart. Make the most of the time you have left!

2) Finish strong!


I know it’s second semester and by this point it’s the little victories that count like getting to school on time or writing a paper with complete sentences. The other day I told my dad that since I have such bad senioritis, I just needed to be happy with passing my classes rather than trying to make As. His response: “Yeah, try telling that to Jesus.” Ouch. I know its counterintuitive at this point, but keep trying your best even if you’re not feeling it. It will be worth it in the end!

And most importantly….

3) Trust Jesus through everything!


I’m constantly getting asked about what scholarships I’m getting or if I have a roommate. Since I don’t know the answer to either of those questions, it’s easy to stress and overthink about this stuff. You’re probably stressed about some different stuff than I am but as believers, we’re called to trust Christ to bring us peace in the midst of all the craziness of senior year. Be intentional in spending time growing your relationship with the Lord. The stronger your faith is going into college, the easier all of the changes and uncertainties will be!

Hope this helps y’all out!

Emma (eager soon-to-be college student and promising survivor of senioritis)

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