Music: The International Language

Just imagine… You are sitting in your room, curled up on your couch, watching the snow fall outside, apple cider in hand, and you are almost ready to crack down and study… but you are missing a crucial component… the perfect music to complement your environment. Well no worries. I am here to bring you your next favorite artist.


Her name is Agnes Obel.  From Copenhagen, Denmark, Agnes has gone platinum with her album “Philharmonics” in her home country and is growing in popularity all over Europe. I believe it is time for us to bring her over to America.


I mean… anyone who is from here (see picture) has to be awesome.

Her music is very melancholy, chill music; it’s what I might call good study music… Her songs focus on her voice and piano melodies. I would probably relate her to the well known Florence and the Machine, with an acoustic flare.


She is incredibly talented and is known for her ability to play many different instruments. Her love and interest in music began when she was a child. Her father had a knack for collecting many different instruments, which she learned to play.

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Her first album came out in 2010, so she is still fairly new. So quick! Listen to her before she gets popular in the US!

Plus: She writes, plays, sings, records, and produces all of her music herself. So give her some support since she is so incredibly talented.


My favorite songs of hers are definitely “Riverside”, “Dorian”, and “The Curse”. Check out some of her live  video sessions here!

Proudly brought to you from your friendly, hipster wannabe, chill-music-lovin’ Choctawker, Hannah

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