6 Things Singles Can Do This Valentines Day!

We have all been there… Being single on Valentines Day is never really fun. But why not??

Here is a fact. Relationships do not define us. Do not let your identity come from your relationship status! So don’t get down on yourself this lovely holiday just because you don’t have a significant other! If you don’t have anyone special to spend it with, then use it as an excuse to hang out with your other single friends and make sweet memories!


Here are a few ideas of what you can do this Valentines Day!

1. Treat Yo Self

Allow yourself to splurge a little. Dress up and go out to a “fancy” restaurant with your friends!

This is a “Parks and Rec” Creation…. 1870863_5886841_lz

2. Have a party!

Get your single friends to come over and play board games, card games, make a small fire and roast some s’mores! A microwave works too… (for you who live in dorms)



3. Go to a concert!

Last year my friends and I went to Chick-fil-a and then went to a small concert. Nothing fancy but it was a ton of fun! So find out who might be coming in town!


4. Movie Night!

Watch some of your favorite Romantic Comedies with your favorite people! Why go to a restaurant when you could grill out!


5. Go on an Adventure!

Go on a RoadTrip! Go to an old outdoor movie theatre! Go on a hike!



6. Gift Exchange!

Do a valentines gift exchange with your single friends! Everyone loves presents! Do a fun Valentines version of White Elephant and call it Stupid Cupid! Just kidding… you don’t have to. But let it be a fun “Galentines” or “Palentines” Yes. I got this idea from “Parks and Rec” and my fellow friend who hosted a Palentines Dinner last year.


Remember… it is not about having the most extravagant night. Just creating some memories and making the most of this Couples-only holiday.

Your Choctawk blogger, Hannah

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