The Many (dog) Faces of Valentines Day

Happy Valentines Day!

Here at the Choctawk Headquarters, we love any excuse to celebrate, so we are all excited to wish you all a very LOVELY day!

Even though this is purely a couples-only holiday… I still believe this holiday can be enjoyed by everybody!

These cute little puppies will bring a smile to everyone’s face! So on this love-filled day… I bring you…

The Many Faces of Valentines Day

Which one are you?

If you are in the Valentines Hater Club… this is for you…


If you are excited to be going on a date with your crush! … this is for you.


If you just love love! this is for you…


If you are just hanging out with your friends… this is to celebrating good friendship!



If you are miserable and alone… I am sorry… This is for you… ‘Cause he can relate.


If you are a lucky lady and expecting that Ring by Spring?! you can join this guy…


If you got a gift from your grandparents and are happy with it! This is for you…


If you really don’t care and just plan on sleeping all day… This is for you.


If you are just laying low, hanging out, and happy with where you are in life… that is cool too!

anigif_enhanced-buzz-29541-1390429602-16~ Happy Valentines Day!

From yours truly,

Hannah, lover of all things happy, and this cute swinging dog

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