Welcome to Choctawk! Choctawk is the offical blog of Mississippi College students.

Let me explain the name. We are the Mississippi College Choctaws (Yeah!! Go Choctaws!!). Choctaws + Talk = Choctawk. Clever right?


This is a place to:

  1. See what college life is like for MC students
  2. Learn important and fun information about MC
  3. Connect with current MC students

Choctawk highlights a dedicated group of students who want to help you out with your college decision. They remember how big a deal it was to choose the right place to go. The Bloggers of Choctawk are so excited about what they do and who they are because of Mississippi College that they can’t help but share all of that goodness with you!

Take some time and explore the blog. See what students are doing by checking out photo blogs and videos, get some tips about college life, and see for yourself what the MC lifestyle is like. Feel free to leave us a comment. We love fun comments!


The ladies of the Choctawk.


The men of the Choctawk.


It’s going to be a great year. DSC_0627

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