Hey hey hey! My name’s Adalenne, and I’m in love with my camera, laughing, going on adventures, & growing closer to the Lord!

Choctawk Profile PictureI’m a freshman at MC, and I absolutely love it here. I am a newbie, but who doesn’t love a good awkward freshman, right?

I’m from the small town of Hernando, MS, but I dream of living in a big city.

My major is in Public Relations; my minor is in Graphic Design. I plan to attend SCAD in Savannah, GA, to get my masters in Film Production.

MC provides lots of “funness” for me through Campus Activities Board & Laguna Social Tribe. But in my spare time, I spend hours filming and editing videos for my youtube channel. I love to read, write, go on road trips, dance, drink coffee, and eat chocolate. My new-found love is for Crossfit.

I have a supa’ cool family of 2 loving parentals, a sister who is also my best friend, & a quirky, hipster, musician brother who implanted ambition in me. I have the most amazing friends who get me through the ‘blah’ days, and put up with my craziness and spontaneity on the good days.

I absolutely love people and getting to know their quirks and what makes them laugh. I hope I can at least put a little pep in your step or smile on your face for the day through my rambling blogs & unorganized vlogs.

If you want to know a tad more about me & how I do life, clicky!

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