Hello all, It’s ya boy, Andrew! I am a fun-loving, hope-filled, quintessential college student.

(Check out my 6-inch vertical)

I’m a Sophomore from Brandon, Mississippi, and while I am undeclared in my major, I love being at college!

When I’m not making calls from the Telecounseling Tower or writing blogs, you can find me chilling and representing Shawreth and Swannanoa.  I love skateboarding and long-boarding, watching sports, and playing Call of Duty with my roommate, Cole. I’m also a Scout for the admissions office and am a recreational sleeper. (I take a lot of naps.)

My parents live in Brandon with my younger brother. Currently, my older brother is an English teacher in Vietnam. Everybody in my family loves to travel and get more stamp on their passports.

Some of my favorites on the blog are obviously Morgan’s homeschool blog, the first mythbusters blog I ever wrote, one of Drake’s campus visit blogs, and Hunter’s coffee blog.

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