Hey guys it’s Cole here. First off, don’t judge me by the absolutely horrendous picture chosen by the oh so gracious Micheal Walley, but in all honesty it probably does capture a good bit of my personality.


Now a little bit about me. First off I have been described by my closest friends as having an “energetic” personality, aka I verge on advanced ADHD with just enough sanity for people to like me.

Truth is I am really energetic but it’s because I love people and I love working with people! I am pretty optimistic about most things and love it.

I love food and most of my blogs will probably be about food. At least hopefully!

That’s really all I got, so yep, that’s me.

Check out my roommate Andrew Wilson.

Oh yeah, I am a sophomore Business Marketing major with a political science minor from Brandon, Mississippi. Now I’m done.

2 responses to “Cole

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  2. You’re really spot on with your description. You randomly walked up to me and a friend durin lunch outside and said,” Can anyone eat here?!” We haven’t stopped laughing about it! 🙂

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