Hello, visitors of the Web! Drake Terry here at your service (most people say my first and last name!). I’m a happy person who keeps it happening.

(Scroll on down past this ridiculous picture of someone who may or may not be me)

DSC_0438I’m a sophomoric sophomore here at good ole MC. I’m from Madison (Brick City!), MS, and I’m a double major in English Writing and Psychology, with a minor in Christian Studies.

My time is spent chilling with my brothers of the Shawreth Service Club and trying to determine whether or not a Taco Bell theme park would be a worthwhile endeavor (I really like Taco Bell, by the way).

I love humans and the quirks that make them such.

I am an only child; if ONLY you knew what that was like. 😉

Smiling is my favorite.

Back in high school, this blog exposed me to several totally corral bands, so I recommend checking out the music posts. As far as my own posts go, I thoroughly enjoyed writing my post on awkwardness.

I really like awkwardness.


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