Hey friends! It’s Elizabeth here. I’m a joyful and relational person, a learner, and appreciator of written words.

(And this is a picture of my face. Look under it!)


I’m a Junior here at MC, I’m from Ruston, LA, and I’m an English Writing major with a Piano minor.

I spend my days being Vice President of Laguna Social Tribe, with my friend and fellow blogger Hannah Terry; I work at Pine Cove Christian Camps in the summer; I drink a lot of coffee; I love books, words, and a warm stack of pancakes.

I have a wonderful family of 2 cool parents and 3 attractive brothers, and my friends have taught me everything I know about community. Read more about them here!

Probably my favorite blogs on the Choctawk are Morgan’s Homeschool blog, a music blog about Emily Hearn, my blog about making mistakes, and Hunter’s blog about coffee. I like coffee.

I love people and their stories. What’s yours?

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