Write For Us

We would love for you to write a guest blog for the Choctawk!


– High school students looking for their college home

– MC students with some college advice and experience

We want to hear your story!!


What goes into a guest blog? Here are some tips to get you started!

1) If you are a high school student, write about your experience searching for a college. What has been hard? What has been rewarding? How are you preparing for college? What is a fun memory you have from a college visit? What’s some encouragement you can offer fellow high-school students?

2) If you are an MC student, write a quick story about a positive experience at MC or some college tips. What’s your favorite part about MC? Why did you decide to come to MC? What’s a fun memory you have from MC life? What has college taught you? How have you grown?

3) No need to be formal or perfect. Choctawk posts are super chill and conversational, so tell us your story in your own words.

4) Keep it positive and appropriate.

5) Add lots of PICTURES!!

6) Shoot for about 500 words per post, but feel free to be flexible with that limit. Have fun with it and don’t forget those pictures!

6) Be creative. Think outside the box and let your voice be heard!


To submit a blog post, attach it in a Word document or a Google doc and email it to emoore@mc.edu. It’s important to note that not all submissions will be published (but most will!). If your blog post is selected, Elizabeth will reply to your email and inform you of any edits that have been made as well as the anticipated date of publication.

Note: *All submissions will be edited for grammar and appropriate content*

Thanks everyone! Please don’t hesitate to submit your guest post. We can’t wait to receive your stories and share them with our readers!

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