BLOG: Picture Perfect Dorm

Photographs in your dorm room are a cheap, fun way to decorate your space. Not only will it give you something to look at, but being surrounded by your loved ones can make a dreary day wonderful. The problem seems to be frames. They tend to be boring, am I right? Nobody wants a cluttered desk (that will hold up to maybe 10 photos maximum), and too many wall frames is just tacky. So how do you display your friends and family creatively (and cheaply!)? *Click photos for How-To’s!

1. Bent Fork


2. Base + Wire

You can use whatever kind of base you want!

3. String + Clip

*My personal favorite version of this includes rope light: Hang the rope light near your bed (using Command hooks). Then tie ribbon of your choice to the lights to hang down. Finally, paperclip or clothes pin your photos to the ribbon!

4. Picture Window

5. Good Old Fashioned Bulletin Board

Frames work too, but just in case you want to be crafty, these are some fun ways to help keep memories with you!


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